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Brazil Brazil BR
Sao Paulo Sao Paulo SP
Francisco Morato Francisco Morato 07900
-23.2632 -46.7133
Provider ISP:
Provider's website AS27699: vivo.com.br
Regional Internet Registrar: LACNIC

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IP address according to information LACNIC

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%  2020-07-31T15:24:05-03:00 - IP:

aut-num:     AS27699
abuse-c:     CSTBR
owner:       TELEF�NICA BRASIL S.A
ownerid:     02.558.157/0001-62
responsible: Diretoria de Planejamento e Tecnologia
country:     BR
owner-c:     ARITE
tech-c:      ARITE
nserver:     orion.vivo.com.br
nsstat:      20200729 AA
nslastaa:    20200729
nserver:     lynx.vivo.com.br
nsstat:      20200729 AA
nslastaa:    20200729
nserver:     hercules.vivo.com.br
nsstat:      20200729 AA
nslastaa:    20200729
created:     20110929
changed:     20110929

nic-hdl-br:  ARITE
person:      Administra��o Rede IP Telesp
e-mail:      dominios-vivo.br@telefonica.com
country:     BR
created:     20080407
changed:     20160621

nic-hdl-br:  CSTBR
e-mail:      abuse.br@telefonica.com
country:     BR
created:     20180713
changed:     20180713

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IP addresses of provider Vivo [Francisco Morato Brazil]
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IP address (Francisco Morato, Sao Paulo, Brazil) get location, coordinates on map, ISP provider AS27699 Vivo // who is provider of ip address, whose IP address
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